The design speaks to the connection between stormwater and the evolving environment.As a kaitiaki group we have an obligation to manage the health of Wai-o-nuku waters of Papatūānuku Earth and Wainuku groundwater to protect the overall health of the environment and the people so that wai water can be nurtured for generations to come.


The inner coil of the koru represents the beginning of the water cycle – Wai-o-rangi. Within the conference we acknowledge that water comes from Wai-o-rangi Waters of Ranginui Sky.

The outer coil of the koru represents the growth of knowledge and the relationships between water, the wider environment, and the community.

The circular shape of the koru represents the constant flow of learning and sharing. Our conference brings our community together to connect and grow.

Mosaic Arrangement

The blue mosaic arrangement reflects the connection of stormwater infrastructure (white lines) and all the components (blue shapes) that make up stormwater systems e.g., swales, detention areas, ponds, wetlands, streams, and rivers.

Te Reo

Māori Translation has been included to promote the use of Te Reo as a living language and means of communication.

This has been created/narrated in collaboration with Ariki Creative.


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