2024 Exhibitor Guide

Welcome to the Stormwater Conference & Expo 2024 Exhibitor Guide. If you have any questions regarding this upcoming expo, please email James Austin at james@avenues.co.nz

Please bookmark this page and pass it on to your staff working on your stand at this event or any contractors you are working with who will find this key information useful.


Please note the following important dates:

75-word Company Profile & Logo for Conference App

(Preferred file formats for logos are: PDF, EPS, JPEG, TIF and all files to be provided as a high resolution (300dpi), profile to be provided as a separate MS Word document)

Via the online portalFriday, 22 March
Company name

(this should be the same name as the Fascia Name Signage on your stand and how you wish your company to be referred to across all material)

Via the online portalFriday, 22 March
Two Inclusive Stand Personnel Registrations.
Please supply names. (Any additional stand personnel registrations can be purchased at $304.75 (including GST)
Click here to book your Stand Personnel Friday, 3 May


Pack in:  Tuesday, 14 May 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Exhibitor Registration:  Tuesday, 14 May 2.00 pm

Pack out: Friday, 17 May.
Dismantle Expo from 12:00 pm

Stands must be ready by 5:00 pm Tuesday, 14 May. Any pack-in times outside of these hours must be pre-approved by Avenues Event Management, please contact James Austin.

Exhibits may not be dismantled or removed before 12.00 pm Friday, 17 May. Should any exhibitor dismantle before this time, a fine will be imposed on their company.

If you require a forklift  for unloading in the dockway, you must let us know so we can book this in with the Tākina operations staff.

Forklifts are to be used in the loading bay to unload, forklifts are NOT allowed on the expo floor, but pallet jacks are available.

Tākina has different sizes of trolleys and pallet jacks available. These pallet jacks can hold 2.5ton.
Anyone packing in from the loading Dockway is welcome to use these if available. Trolleys and pallet jacks with loaded equipment must be removed and returned as soon as possible to the Dockway as these are heavily in demand across the event pack in.

All heavy equipment must be approved by Tākina before it is loaded into the centre.

Please note any exhibitor equipment over 2x2m and/or 300kgs needs to be confirmed with Avenues Event Management, who will then pass it onto Tākina and will be included in the event plan. If this is you, please send specs and weight to james@avenues.co.nz


Before coming on site:

  • All access to Tākina Dockway must be during the designated pack-in time. (Listed above)
  • All large and heavy equipment and deliveries must be brought through Tākina Dockway.
  • Tākina Events can only receive packages 48 hours prior to the event pack in.
  • Tākina Events packing labels must be attached to every item with the correct information (Delivery Label can be found in this guide).
  • Tākina Events may sign for a package; however Tākina Events takes no responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

You are not allowed to nail, screw, staple, put pins or holes into any wall, door, window or other parts of the building. Gaffer tape, double sided tape, velcro dots or other adhesives are not to be used on any walls. A penalty charge will apply for any damage caused.

Tākina Dockway can only be accessed for scheduled pack in/ pack out by clients, exhibitors, external suppliers or inducted contractors. If anyone from your event arrives to the Tākina Dockway outside of the pre-arranged hours, they may not be able to gain access.

Please note, Tākina Dockway has very restricted access between 10pm and 7am nightly. Any pack in or out which may be affected by these hours, needs to be discussed with your Function Coordinator or Audio-Visual Coordinator ahead of time, to look at potential options.

The Tākina Dockway is one-way access only, from Wakefield Street. You are not able to gain access from the Cable Street side (please refer to the below map, specifically markers 16 and 17).

The Tākina Dockway Entrance is at 217 Wakefield Street – (Google map).

A few important things to note:

  • The Tākina Dockway is not a general access way.
  • It is only open between 8am – 4pm; Monday – Friday.
  • Requires appropriate footwear to be worn when accessing (i.e., no open toed footwear).

When dropping items off at the Dockway:

  • You must not leave any vehicles unattended.
  • You must unload your vehicle and then immediately move your vehicle out of the Dockway area.
  • There is no carparking available in the Dockway area.

Please note that during the pack-in time, no catering will be provided for exhibitors. External food can be brought on-site but please do not leave rubbish. There are also loads of food options in the area and Zephyr Cafe on the ground floor of Tākina.


Click here to Download the Tākina Courier Form and Outgoing Courier Form 

Deliveries can be accepted no earlier than Monday, 13 May 2024 – prior to the commencement of the expo. (unless prior written arrangements have been made)

All large and heavy equipment and deliveries must be brought through Tākina Dockway and not via the public entrances. All deliveries must include the following details using the Tākina Events

  • Tākina Dockway
  • Name & Date of the Event
  • Sender Details incl. Exhibitor Company name and stand number
  • Box number and number of items (i.e., box 1 of 3)

Deliveries will be accepted during the Dockway opening hours of 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

All small and can easily be carried safely items can enter Tākina via the public entrances.

Tākina Events does not offer courier services. It is the responsibility of the sender to arrange courier delivery/ pick up and ensure all required documents are attached to the items (including documentation for international sending). All items to be picked up must be clearly labelled and left at the Tākina Dockway with a completed Trade Exhibitors Courier Form.

Pallets and crates can be stored in the loading bay during the event. Please ensure these are labelled for a smooth pack out.

Goods can only be accepted and stored for 48 hours before and after the event. Tākina Events reserves the right to dispose of any goods if not removed within the given timeframe.

For any scheduled large pack in or pack out that requires significant storage space please speak to James Austin at least 20 working days prior to the event to make arrangements for this.

Tākina Events is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.


You must be wearing a High-Vis at all times during pack in and pack out.  These can be purchased from The Warehouse, Bunnings, Mitre 10 to name a few. 

Click here to Download the Tākina Events HS Induction for Exhibitors

Tākina has requested one person per exhibiting company read the attached Tākina Health & Safety induction document. Then click this link to acknowledge that you have read and understood the induction document. This form must be completed before arriving on-site for pack-in.

Please note, all exhibitor inductions are required to be completed 7 working days prior to pack-in. Failure of a stand to complete the Health and Safety Induction for Exhibitors may result in being unable to exhibit within Tākina Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Everyone at Tākina is responsible for their own health and safety, and for contributing towards the maintenance of a working environment. We are committed to ensuring the health, safety, security and wellbeing of all our teams, visitors to our business and the items and collections that have been placed in our care.

All attendees are expected to comply in all respect to the requirements of the Health & Safety Acts including but not limited to:

  • Always following safety instructions from Tākina staff.
  • Fire egress routes must be kept clear at all times. It is illegal to block emergency exits and the access route to an emergency exit.
  • You must not obscure or cover emergency exit signs or store equipment in the fire staircase.
  • All fire call points must be kept clear.

We ask that throughout pack in, the event and pack out you are practicing responsible health and safety procedures.

Please alert any member of the Avenues or Tākina staff should you see or experience any risks or accidents while at the venue. Stormwater 2024 takes health & safety matters seriously.

All electrical gear must be PAT tested and tagged, and all electrical cords must be taped down. If tag and testing is required onsite, that service can be ordered with a Wellington supplier price will be determined as per request. If equipment is not tagged the venue will require the item to be tagged before it is plugged into their power.


Friday, 17 May Dismantle Expo from 12:00pm 

Exhibitors are urged to always have a representative present on their stand at all times during breakdown.

  • All access to Tākina Dockway must be during the designated pack-out time (listed above).
  • All large and heavy equipment and deliveries must be removed through the Tākina Dockway.
  • All packages to be collected must be correctly labelled, including banners, using the Tākina Event Courier Confirmation Form (Tākina Event Courier Confirmation Form can be found in this guide).
  • Exhibitors are responsible for organising for their packages to be collected within one working day from the Dockway, or they may be charged.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for providing the correct documentation for any packages which need to be shipped internationally.


  • All boxes, to be disposed of, must be broken down by the exhibitor.
  • Any plastic rubbish must be placed in the general waste bins provided in the room on pack in and pack out day.
  • Empty pallets, to be disposed of, must be moved back to the Dockway.


Nametags must be worn at all times to gain admittance to the exhibition area. (This does not apply on pack in and pack out)

Security will deny entry to these areas to anyone not wearing a nametag. All stand personnel to the Conference need to collect a nametag from the registration area on arrival.


It is free to visit the exhibition, visitors will need to pre-register or sign in on arrival. These expo opening hours will be released closer to the event, along with a digital flyer you can pass on to your clients.


• NO coffee cups and/or coffee related products to be handed out on exhibition stands
• Reusable bottles are preferred over giving away single-use bottles
• Promotional floorwalkers are not permitted
• Please note that you cannot provide separate *catering or food giveaways without prior permission from Avenues Event Management

*Should you wish to bring your own food or drinks for delegates to sample, please inform your conference organiser. Authorisation will be at the Tākina’s discretion, depending on purpose, item and quantity.


Tākina Wellington Convention & Exhibition Centre, 217 Wakefield Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011


There will be no opportunities for outdoor displays in 2024.


Te Papa has covered and uncovered parking spaces and has a height restriction of 2.2m for the covered spaces. You can pay with cash, EFTPOS or credit card.
Barnett Street Wellington City Council car park has uncovered parking spaces only. You can pay with the PayMyPark app, debit/credit card or cash (exact amounts only).
Century City has covered parking only and has a height restriction of 2m. You can pay with cash, card or paywave.
Reading on Wakefield car park has uncovered parking spaces only. You can pay with cash (exact amounts only), card or paywave.

The parking rates for all areas can be found at:

Tākina Events does not reserve any parking spaces at any of the above car parks, all are first come, first served.


There will be WIFI available on site and details will be provided on the back of your lanyard.

If you require hardwired internet for you stand can you can do this at an extra cost, please contact: igor.deborst@tepapa.govt.nz


All stands must adhere to the 3m x 3m stand floor space size you have purchased.  This means no pull-up banners, signage, or machinery placed in front of your stand.

Exhibitors may not place any display material or exhibit, nor extend their stand structure and fittings, beyond their contracted boundary.

Avenues Event Management accepts no responsibility for exhibitor losses during the entire exhibition including setup and removal periods.

Each Exhibition Booth Includes:

  • 3m x 3m exhibition booth with Velcro-receptive fabric on all sides (2.3m high)
  • 2 x 150-watt spotlights
  • 1 x 4-way multi-box
  • 1 x company name sign
  • Two complimentary Exhibitor Passes per stand (these do include access to the Conference sessions) Additional Exhibitor Passes are available at a charge of NZ $304.75 incl GST
  • Exhibitors have access to all morning teas, afternoon teas, and lunches, as well as the Welcome Function (Conference Dinner tickets are an additional cost to the exhibitor, tickets can be purchased through the stand personnel portal)

Conference Profile
Each Exhibitor will receive a complimentary 75-word profile listing in the Conference app.


The exhibition spaces are supplied by Exhibition Hire. You can contact Exhibition Hire directly if you wish to hire any additional equipment you may require for your stand or regarding any of the following:

  • Custom Built & Design & Build Stands
  • Signage & Graphics
  • Furniture Hire

Click here for more information and to place an order contact: Lu Budden | Exhibition Hire Services

m. +64 21 672 465
e. Lu@exhibitionhire.co.nz 
w. exhibitionhire.co.nz

Orders Due: Monday 15 April 2024

If you require rigging please contact james@avenues.co.nz and he will out you in touch with the Tākina supplier.


Click here to submit your stand personnel.  Each stand comes with two complimentary stand personnel per stand. If you would like more than two you can register extra stand personnel at this same link.

Additional Exhibitor Passes are available at a charge of NZ $304.75 incl GST


Click here to view the floorplan.


Water New Zealand is proud to be working towards Toitū net carbonzero Event Operations certification for the 2024 Conference. There will be some questions about your travel in the stand personnel registration form, your assistance is greatly appreciated.


James Austin – Avenues Event Management
Phone +64 4 473 8044
Email james@avenues.co.nz

Lu Budden – Exhibition Hire Services
Phone +64 21 672 465
Email Lu@exhibitionhire.co.nz 

Pip Donnelly – Water New Zealand
Phone +64 4 472 8925
Email enquiries@waternz.org.nz

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