Preconference Workshop

After the floods; looking backwards to go forward. What have we learnt from the floods and what are we going to do differently for the future? This workshop hopes to bring together council staff and professionals to share learnings from the range of work happening in Aotearoa around flood response, planning for resilience, adaptation and climate change. We hope to hear from local government, central government and research agencies, then give participants a chance to brainstorm lessons learnt and ideas for the future.

Venue: Takina Convention Centre
Date: Tuesday, 14 May 2024
Time: 1pm – 5pm


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  • Preconference workshop non-member registration $190.00*

*prices exclude GST.  Sessions must be booked separately.

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The workshop will be broken into three sessions plus a wrap up:

  1. Current work – hearing from flood response and adaptation work happening across New Zealand. We will hear from Aotearoa Climate Adaptation Network, Hastings District Council (Craig Mountfort), Auckland Council (Fiona Macdonald) and Te Hāpua and Muriwhenua Collective (Marama Pohatu).
  2. Research, guidance and funding – a look into new guidance and research for New Zealand; Andrew Tait from NIWA will be talking climate projections. Pending confirmation, we are hoping to hear from some central government organisations about legislation, guidance and support.
  3. Brainstorming for the future: Workshop attendees will be broken into teams to brainstorm ideas around how we can better prepare for what is coming in terms of:
    a. Pipe network performance
    b. Pre-emptive maintenance (or not)
    c. Watercourses & overland flows
    d. Storage / attenuation (natural or man made)
    e. Our legislative framework
    f. Warning systems, information, education and behaviors
  4. Wrap up: Brainstorming will look at whether more research and guidance is needed, if we think some working groups are a good idea, and seek some radical ideas for what to do now. All workshop participants will receive a post-workshop summary of discussions and ideas.

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